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Easter Wasp Solitaire

Get buggy for the most fun Easter Solitaire game around! Don't shy away from this exciting game just because you haven't played it before. It'll have you hooked before you know it.

Based in Spider Solitaire, the goal of Wasp Solitaire is to eliminate all the cards from the board by building stacks downward in descending order starting with a King, with all cards being of the same suit. Create a stack and it disappears from the board. Make all cards disappear and you are the winner of Wasp Solitaire!

In Wasp Solitaire, no cards are inactive, so you can move any card, regardless of what is below them, at any time. You can build other stacks in the tableau by alternating color and working down in descending order. This game is a bit easier than Scorpion, because you can place any card in an open slot, not just a King. Use the stock cards when you need extra cards during the game.


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